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Hi-Techsoftware is a company which is focus on web application and electronic software development in Nepal. We are mainly focus for the growth of IT development sector in Nepal. Hi-Techsoftware utilizes its Smart Software Technology & Web Developer in order to help a business optimize on enhancements to their global capabilities. This proprietary technique of process execution is a capability globally recognized in the IT industry.

What makes Hi-Techsoftware solutions different than others in the industry is that we're more than just an software consulting company. Our goal is to invest in your idea and vision, and provide you with the technology to turn it into a reality.

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eConsultancy enables consultancies and its management to better serve their clients. Its also provides improved quality to client/student care. eConsultancy provides better quality of care, procedures and service to clients/students.It helps in efficient management of the consultancies. Eliminate the chances of any pilferage. Enable the growth of the consultancy in Nepal.

CoSys Co-Operative Management System
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CoSys is an ideal for Co-Operative & Micro Finance institute/companies to manage packages for deposit, loan, share, fixed assets, accounts & etc. CoSys combines best features of an entriprise grade CMMS at an economical value proposition for its best features and functionalities especially designed for Co-Operative & Micro Finance in Nepal.